Monday, August 8, 2011

Notes from Bob

I received this brief note of updates from Bob Walters today, it appears the kids are hunting:

I was downtown on Saturday evening on August 6. I watched a young-of-the-year bird stoop on a pigeon from the southeast corner of the Key Bank Tower (KBT) to the east of State Street (it missed) and then return toward the KBT and out of view. Later, I noted a bird (impossible to determine if an adult, or young-of-the-year) at roost up against the tinted glass where the glass intersects the main column on the west side on the south face of the COB and Cynthia picked up a bird at roost on the twelfth barred, fire escape opening on the north side of the COB.

Plus ... I visited the IMC on Sat., August 6 and from <19:45 - 19:55 observed and studied an adult tiercel PEFA (Peregrine Falcon)  perched on the lower, right-hand corner of the lower, support member of the sign (Intermountain Medical Center). No word, so far from the maintenance fellow who was going to take a look into the nest box.

All for now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob and Liz!!!!
And we saw what we think is Bobbie, on Sunday night, north side of COB,
third breezeway down, snugging in for the night...This was at 9:45pm.
Couldn't be there tonight...was Bob or anyone else there tonight to check?

Willi said...

Thanks Liz ( as always for your updates). Last week I saw Mom and Dad and maybe Charlie in the nest box almost daily Morning 7ish and night 7 to 8ish. But this weekend- nothing! I have been
wondering if Mom and Dad are doing some big time
teaching and are not visiting the box. I sure hope Bobbi and Charley are learning to fen for themselves. It sure makes me happy. Loved your info about IMC building. I've learned this summer that life just isn't the same without Falcons!! Keep looking up. and thanks again Liz.