Sunday, August 14, 2011


The hummingbirds are coming back to our feeders. The first video is of a Black Chinned hummer. The second is a turf war. These go on all the time. One sits in the trees just across from the feeder and if 'anyone' tries to feed, he runs 'em off.

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Willi said...

Those little birds are so sweet. I have a lot of them in my yard as well. I walked right up to one buzzing my flowers and he wasn't a bit scared, I just whipped out my camera and took a picture. He was about 5 inches from my camera. Saw a bird that is (Falcon) in the nest today around 6:30 AM.
Couldn't tell who it was., Mom or Dad or one of the kids. Any rate, he/she was announcing very loud his arrival at visiting the nest. Then flew to the south.