Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Salt Lake Area Falcon Box

I am very excited to report that I saw a peregrine at another location in the Salt Lake area. A week ago, Bob told me about a falcon box that was installed on the Intermountain Health Care building in Murray, Utah. He said that the guy who installed it has not really been communicative, so Bob stopped to see if there might be youngsters. He was not really expecting that it was used this year. He did see a bird on the east face of the largest building but it was behind the sign and nothing but the face was visible. I stopped last weekend also, to see if I could see anything. Nothing.

But today, I stopped after going to the farmer's market and lo and behold there was a bird sitting on the west side (out of that east sun) right next to the 'M' on the Inter Mountain sign. I was so excited and it looked like a juvenile! I got out my camera, got all focused and realized that I didn't have my memory card inserted - it was at home in my computer. Rats. So I made a trip back there late this afternoon and after hunting a bit, I found this bird and I also got a good shot of the falcon box and the excrement flowing down the sides of the hospital. Its very apparent that birds have been using this area quite a bit, indicating that there were probably chicks. Yay! This bird looks like an adult, darn. I will be stopping back again this week to look some more. In case you are wondering, there are no cameras in this box but who knows, maybe the hospital could be talked into putting them in!

See the excrement on the right side of the windows?

Its very apparent here! And look there is a bird on the ledge/sill!

Wow, it looks like a lot of falcons hang out here!

See her under the 'r'?

I bet its a female.

This is where I saw the bird this morning, but it was in shade, just to the left of the 'M'


Birding is Fun! said...

We had some friends from Idaho in town on Monday and we took them to Temple Square to show them around. We saw one of the Peregrine's on Angel Moroni's trump. Pretty cool!

Trish said...

How exciting!! I am always down in Murray!! Now I have some more birds to watch. How do we go about getting the hospital to install a camera? We need to feed our bird addiction!! Also, did you see that one of the Boise Juvies had to euthanized? It's so sad!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Liz!!!
Thanks to you, we have a view of what's happening, and we wait for every word, and every photo!!!
Now a new adventure for us falconites!!!

Anonymous said...

Geez Liz, Are we sure Charlie doesn't think this is the high rent district, and has moved to this location???? Maybe he sleeps here too!

Yacine A. said...

Good ! It's seem to be a female !
Thanks for the link about the french vidéo, I will ask to Nicolas Orhant if he can translate in english for u ;-)