Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, July 6

I stopped by this morning just before work. Burt was positioned by the fountain and said there hadn't been much activity. He did say that Early had taken a seven minute flight the previous day, circling the area between the Temple and the Conference Center. After talking with Burt for a few minutes, I walked west to snap some pictures of one of the kids goofing around on the JSMB. I have heard that the watchers are now able to distinquish Early from Lexi by their 'moustache' (the patches of dark under their eyes) - Lexi's are larger than the Early's.

Based on that, this must be Early.

Wow, I was there just at the right time. As Early takes off for the Temple.

Just as he made his way around the west side and came to land on the North side, his brother flew in and they landed together. I know this is not very clear but that is both Early and Lexy landing on the North side of the Northeast spire.

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