Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Five - July 3, 2009

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Today was a fantastic flying day. I had the day off from work, so I decided I would get up very early and try to beat Bob down to Falcon Central. I walked in about 6:50 am and was the first watcher on the square. Both 'kids' were sitting on the roof of the east wing of the JSMB under beautiful blue skies. We had a nice breeze as well. Perfect for flying.

I started looking around for Ma and Pa. I found Mom over on the corner of the Eagle Gate Tower. Perfect position and high enough to keep a eye on the two kids on the roof. She's on the very back right corner.

Here's a bit closer of a shot.

And here from another angle.

Bob and Susan arrived about 7:15. Soon after Lexi flew over to the Temple. As far as we know, that was the first flight either of the kids had made (and stuck a landing) at the Temple. According to my photo time stamps, Lexi sat over on the Temple for about an hour.

I waited and waited right under the building, hoping I could catch Lexi as he flew back to the JSMB, which we all were pretty sure he would do. It took an hour but I caught him just perfectly.

Here's Mom who flew over to keep watch.

I took a walk to get something to drink and a snack, around 10:30. On my walk back all the radios started sqwauking with news that Early was flying north past the tall office building. I watched as he flew large rings around the building, gaining altitude on each pass and then he landed on the northwest corner of the 28 story building. THAT'S HIGH! He only stayed a few minutes and then flew down and east beginning to cross out of the comfort zone of the parents. One of them followed him across State Street, over the Eagle Gate apartments and then guided him back to safe territory where he landed on the east wing of the JSMB. Here he sits with Dad watching dutifully. Dad on the left, Early on the right.

Around noon, Lexi took off and began flying over the to 2-story Administration building. This caused a lot of distress; both parents became very vocal and seemingly upset about where she was headed. They circled the area, vocalizing and swooping. Eventually, Lexi returned and settled on the west wing of JSMB.

At 2pm I gave up the ghost and went home. Enough excitement for me for one day. I don't know how Bob stays day after day, sun up to sun down.


Anonymous said...

why do people give human names to wild animals, it is presumptuous and anthropomorphising. It takes away from the wild beauty of these birds and makes them sound like "pets" of a sort, which is not what you want to teach kids.

batsbrew said...

you're the only one here that doesn't 'get it'.

Liz Schubert said...

Whatever it takes to get regular folks interested in defending and protecting wildlife is good in my book.