Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

This morning I talked my husband into joining me for a brief hour. We arrived around 8am. Several watchers were already in place. Both kids were hanging out in the shade on the north side of JSMB. Dad was stationed on the opposite corner. About 8:30 he decided the kids needed to get moving so he took some swoops back and forth in front of them. It didn't work. They were still there when we left at 9am to go to the Downtown Farmers Market.

My husband's camera did a great job of getting in close. I think I spy a little bit of white fluff on the left bird, so it may be Lexi with Early on the right.

Yours truly and my rescued greyhound, Story, peeking out.

This is June on duty. She's a wonderful lady. She and I are going to spend some time hiking in Corner Canyon to take bird surveys this summer.

Mom watching from The Temple. I came back later in the day and spent my evening on watch. The kids had been flying higher than ever during the day. When I arrived at 6:30p one of them was on top of the Zions Bank skyscraper. Mom delivered dinner up there which was greeted with much vocalization on the part of the kid. I was also told that one of the kids had tried to fly up to the top of the Eagle Gate Tower but didn't quite make it, flying into the glass and dropping down to a ledge. There may have been some bent wing feathers but both juveniles flew back to the JSMB and took flights to The Temple and back. When I left at 9:45 both parents had moved up to the top of the 28 story office building to keep watch for the night. The two kids were on the roof of the west wing of JSMB.

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tierra said...

Thanks for posting pictures! I am one of those who feels a little empty nest syndrome... can't check on the falcons any more. Keep up the good work!