Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Four - Morning Flight Training

Note: You can click on photos to get enlarged pictures.

Early Bird on July 2, 2009 about 8:20 am

I stopped by Falcon Central at 8:15 just to catch up a bit before work. Of course, Bob Walters was already at his post. Bob reported fairly little activity but that both Early and Lexi had moved to the north side of the west wing of the JSMB. His radio sqwauked just as I start to walk over to catch a glimpse myself. Susan reported that both Early and Lexi had just taken small flights towards the Temple building and then back again to sit in their spots on the JSMB. Shortly after, one of the parents flew to land just below Early, perching on the scroll work.

Here is the adult sitting on the scroll work.

Zoomed in just a bit more. Adult, probably Dad, sitting just below Early giving encouragement.

Another shot of Early Bird after returning from his short flight.

Here's the other adult, probably Mom, perched on a spire on top of the Temple building.

And here is Lexi, practicing footwork on a scallop edge of the building.

One final picture of Early dancing around on the corner.

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