Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update from Bob

Hi Everyone,
Just thought I'd move a comment up here that Bob left today.

06:53 - 07:27 a.m. this morning, July 9: adult female (Mom) observed feeding and then loafing on the key icon that precedes the words Key Bank Tower (west face of the Key Bank Tower), adult boyfriend was not observed

FYI - I collected the only, remaining, entire egg today at 1:43 p.m. from the nest box. It weighs very little (contents desiccated?), but I intend to determine if analysis is possible. Who knows ... we may learn something! Adult(s) not observed at ground level in the usual places as I entered the JSMB and no protest mounted at man in (at rear of) nest box by either the adult female, or her boyfriend.

No new news on Solo, or Dad, but I'll update as soon as possible.



skygirlblue said...

Thanks Bob!!! and Thanks Liz for posting..

Could we get an update and status for Solo?...and of course, Dad too..


Anonymous said...

Anything new?????