Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4 Update

Bob said that there is nothing new on Solo. He is due for x-rays tomorrow. He said that one our watchers was downtown today and saw Mom and the new male. I hope to go there tomorrow to get a photo. This is another photo shared with me from the rescue of Solo on Tuesday.

Happy Independence Day to all.


  1. Thanks so much, Liz!!! he sure is a cutie. I hope we get some good news after X-rays!!

    I kept the cam up a long time today..just in case Mom made an appearance...but, nope.

  2. Hi Liz- When you watch these birds from eggs on up and watch how the parents are so committed to their welfare you can't help but have heartaches when they get hurt. Mom must be wondering what the??? No Dad, now no Solo. I hope Solo and Dad recover soon . They might have to take great measures sort of like they did with Primo last year. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!! Thanks as always for your updates. We who care so appreciate knowing whats happening.

  3. Adult in the box at 8:39 am. I'm still trying to figure out who.

    1. I did...I'll get some posted.

  4. Thanks again for the updates.

  5. Any chance for pictures from rehab? Would love to see what they do.