Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Solo Injured

I hate to report this. Bob sent this note out today. Say a prayer, light a candle, send good thoughts:

"Unfortunately, Solo bumped/clipped the north face of the Zion's Bank Tower mid-morning today, July 3. He appeared to recover from the "hit" and then fell upon the "easternmost" awning above the sidewalk at the South Temple St. entrance of the Zion's Bank Tower.

Solo was taken to JoAnn, examined and is now scheduled for an x-ray on Friday, July 5.
There is a window of time of seven days in which the adult female will maintain fidelity/interest in the young-of-the-year, nest site, etc. So, Solo will not go out today or tomorrow and we'll see, if and when, based on what JoAnn determines via the x-ray, close observation and monitoring of Solo, TLC, etc.

I'm going to monitor the adults (note plural, not singular) with some regularity.

P.S. it's unknown if Solo has an injured wing (this was reported elsewhere earlier today) and there's no new news on Solo's Dad, except that he is eating well = has a healthy appetite"

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