Friday, April 12, 2013

Falcon Cams are ON!

I've been in Chicago for my daughter's wedding for the past week but heard through my grapevine that the cameras have been turned on! The church installed new high-def cams and the images are beautiful!

Head over to BCAW and check out some of the screen captures. Based on these, looks like eggs could be coming very soon!

Thought I'd share a pic of the bride :)


skygirlblue said...

first egg was just laid!!!!! 1:27 eastern time

Willi said...

First of all, great pic of your daughter. Beautiful. Welcome home Liz. I just happened to pull up the
sight at work and saw her lay her first egg. Interesting the first egg layed last year , exact same date
April 12. 2012 No wonder we find these birds so facinating. Here we go.