Saturday, March 23, 2013

Primo Release!

What a beautiful day out on Antelope Island. The caravan made its way out at 11am and we had a brief update from Joanne, then Primo was off! He took a few turns around the field and landed on a far fence rail. He was still there when we left. Enjoy the photos and video. To all those who made their way out to watch, thank you for your support and we hope you will join us down at Falcon Central this summer. We sure need your help keeping track of our fledglings.

Our caravan makes its way along the 9-mile route.

The falcon watch team gathers to walk to release area.

The abandoned falcon nest tower out at the edge of Great Salt Lake. We hoped Primo would head there on release.

Just prior to release.

Photo by Blythe Thatcher of Mary Lou who gets the honors.

Primo decided to roost on this fence rail. He was there when we left. He was approx 100 yards off the road.


Willi said...

Good luck Primo. Have a great life.

robgilliland said...

AWESOME JOB GUYS! a hearty thankyou to bob, joanne, and everyone else involved.