Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Egg #3 Video

Well, Egg 3 made an appearance this morning around 9:30! You can see her lay it at about the 3:40 mark on this video provided by Skygirl.


Anonymous said...

Liz, thanks for posting this. It's fascinating to watch the labor part of the egg-laying process. I had no idea that falcons went through "labor." These birds continue to fascinate me.

Anonymous said...

4 eggs now!

skygirlblue said...

It is fascinating to watch. You are seeing her push with each contraction. What you don't see is the start of labor (which is tricky), but I knew she had started when she stood up from dozing on the eggs, paced a bit, then started "licking her lips" (non scientific term). I knew she hadn't just eaten nor cast a pellet, so figured labor had started. Lots of falcons seem to do this at the beginning of labor. (I think she did this once in the vid) And the rest is history.