Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not Much News

Only new news... I heard from Mike that he saw Boxer out his window on Tuesday. No updates on Primo.


kittenface said...

Thanks so much Liz for getting any news that you can of the chicks good to hear that Boxer is still around and being seen, and I know as soon as you hear anything on Primo you'll lets us all know. You the greatest for keeping tabs on them.

Willi said...

A little news is better than no news. I always wonder where our sweet falcons go when it gets cold around here. Boxer Sue seems to like it here.
I hope she finds a mate and starts a family of her own. And yes, any pictures from Mikes window are so fabulous. I currently have that last
one on my desktop at work. Everyone who sees it is so curious. Thanks Liz
for all your work this summer.I wish we could have a summer without any
mishaps, but I guess that is nature what with the big buildings. Hope to hear more about Primo when you hear. Now, maybe Bob is able to get some well deserved rest for a while.

Bob and Robin said...

Hi Liz - We just love this blog! We have changed the host of the Flight of the Peregrine Blog to Please update your listing for us. Thank-You and keep up the great work. And while you are on the new blog, Please click on "Follow". That way you will get updates. Keep Looking Up!