Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interesting Article and Primo Update

Here's a link to an article on falcons and farms click here.

I heard from Bob and here's an update on Primo:

Primo continues to rest and recuperate within a retrofitted stall which
affords him more room to move around (exercise, explore, fly, flap, land,
etc.) than a "standard" raptor mew. He is eating well.

Although JoAnn is purposefully keeping her distance, Primo remains under
evaluation so as to note progress and, of course, any abnormalities. JoAnn
mentioned that we all like to see results quickly, but what is now required
is time to study and evaluate Primo's condition.

At an unspecified time in the future, JoAnn intends to have Primo's wing
x-rayed again to insure that "all is well".

JoAnn will soon begin to investigate the suitability and availability of a
much larger enclosure (100-150 foot long flight cage) in which Primo could
be closely observed to determine if the rest and recuperation that he now
enjoys results in the ability to get up in the air and/or gain the lift
needed to be a flyer.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article on feathered, farm workers! I wonder if falcons are employed here in Utah in that capacity? If I learn of the practice here in the Beehive State, I'll pass that information along to your readers.

Thanks, Liz.


CYNTHIA said...

Hi Liz,
Once again, thanks so much for the Primo update, I hope so desperately that he will be healthy and happy in any way this turns out!!! Of course we'll wait to hear how he is progressing, and if his wing is just fine!
Has anyone seen Boxer Sue or the parents..We'd love to know that also!
Best best best thanks to you for keeping us in touch,