Monday, April 6, 2015

Update on Female ~ Plus Second Male in Area

Hello, I spoke with Bob Walters today and he gave me this update on the adult female that was picked up downtown last week. Adult female has a fungal infection (aspergillosis). She is being treated with antibiotics, being hand fed and improving. Bob has guarded optimism that she will recover. She has a slight corneal abrasion which is being treated as well. She likely will head to a longer term facility before returning to the wild, hopefully being returned to downtown.

Ready for a strange story? Bob received a call today that a male peregrine crashed in to the Wells Fargo building on Main Street a few blocks from our nest area and was found dead (Friday). The employees who found the bird, called Animal Control. They were directed to dispose of the body. Bob received a phone call from one of the employees to let him know today. His initial thoughts were that it was a Kestrel, as there are many in the city and they have been seen in that particular area before. Bob asked if he could see the bird anyway. The employees had buried the bird nearby but helped Bob exhume the remains, and sure enough, it was an adult, male peregrine falcon. BUT, Bob had just spotted a male on the tall church office building last night, presumably surveying it's territory, possibly watching for the missing female. So... one dead male, one live. Possibly this was a territorial death? And is the male that remains in the territory our same male from last year or was he the one found dead? Will we ever know? Pictures of our resident male from last year below. Bob is going to try his expert had at taking a few cell phone pictures of the expired bird he picked up today for comparison.

p.s. The cameras were due to go live today but at last word from the building it may be delayed by a day or two.

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