Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boise Falcon Blog

While searching the internet for information on exactly how long it will be before our FOUR take their first flights, I stumbled on a great blog Flight of the Peregrine Falcon that follows the nesting pair in Boise, Idaho (wow look at that cool building they nest on). I was so excited to find this blog! It has all sorts of great reference information. Thanks to Robin and Bob Young for featuring my blog on their blog!

So according to many sources including Robin and Bob's blog, first flights should happen around July 12 - July 16. Also known as HELL week, ha ha. More about that in my next post.

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RockinRobin said...

This Banner Bank Building is directly 2 blocks North of the nest box building. The parents often perch where they are in this screen capture photo. They can see and hear the chicks easily and of course, fly there in a flash. The building is a 'green' building - so our parents have good taste and they seem to like bank buildings. We'll have to post a map of downtown for those who look at our blog and aren't that familiar with Boise.