Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Changes

Ahh, feels good to freshen up the blog and the new updates available through Blogger are great. I've added several Peregrine nest cams from around the country in the side bar ~ organizing them with Salt Lake first and then according to when the chicks should be taking their first flights. As the nests become empty I will rotate the empty nests to the bottom. So check back often! Lots going on even while we are waiting for SLC to fledge..

The first picture shows both adults. My guess is female on rock, closest to the chicks. Dinner tonight was something large and furry. See second picture. Any guesses? Mom was gone for 10 min or more. I watched so patiently with my camera aimed at the screen. Sure enough, I looked away for two seconds and here she came, so the image is blurred.

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