Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comparing Mom and Dad

Update: I caught a better pic of mom this morning. See third pic.
I have been trying to capture images of female and male on the nest to see the differences. I think you can see in the top image, that if she was turned fully sideways like the bottom image, that her tail feathers would hang onto that ledge. Where on the bottom photo his feathers dont reach the ledge.


Anonymous said...

Comparing Mom & Dad - I've been paying closer attention to appearance and I'm now less inclined to believe that there's much difference in color of the eye-lining, cere & bill. However, I believe that the male definitely has yellow/orange-colored feet compared to the pale (sunshine) yellow feet of the female. If I squint (and/or each bird cooperates), I continue to pick up the buffy-colored tip of the central tailfeathers of the female compared to the black tailfeathers of the male. In the screen captures by Liz, when the birds are oriented E-W, lengthwise, the female easily "covers" more pea gravel from 2X6 to 2X6 RW

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz and Bob, this has been really helpful.