Monday, October 24, 2011

Nice Weather!

Hello. I am so dreading winter, how 'bout you? Its been beautiful this week, though, which won't last I know. We are supposed to see snow on Thursday. Bahhh!

I mean't to share a couple photos I took back in September of a couple of the adults hanging out, here they are. At first I thought they might be juveniles but Bob says 'no'. Oh well. The bird in photo 1 is a different bird than the other two. I was able to see both at nearly the same time.


Anonymous said...

We are positively thrilled to see these photos, Liz, and thanks SO MUCH for posting them for us...
We wish our Falcons a good winter and look forward to seeing the parents back in the nest box this spring, making new ones to cherish!!!!

Willi Christensen said...

Thank you also. I knew there was something
missing in my life the past couple of months.
I wish Charlie and Bobbie a warm winter wherever
they choose, and both parents the same. These
pictures mean so much to all of us who were able
to enjoy the birth of the juvies and the wonderful flights we enjoyed watching at temple square July through September. Those months were truly dear to my heart. Looking forward to Feb and March to see if the Falcons "come back to Capistrano"

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