Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Nesting Season

Hello Readers! It's a little early to start watching our nesting pair but I wanted to share some news I received from Bob Walters. Not so good news but hopefully they can work through it.

Unfortunately, according to Dee Hunsaker on April 15, the LDS Church is going to begin a major project to replace the existing window washing system on the JSMB. From start-up through July 15, workers will be all over the Building. As a result, Dee, Jesse Baer, Richard Sawatzki and I began and continue to have discussions concerning what we can do to "get ahead of a train wreck" and encourage the famous peregrine pair to nest elsewhere in the vicinity.

1. Dee and I agreed that we should first discourage nesting by our birds on the JSMB: to allow the birds to begin the nesting effort, knowing that oncoming disturbance will undoubtedly cause failure, is the wrong direction to go. So on Wednesday, January 13, Dee and JSMB workers installed a piece of plywood which covers the nest box opening. Hopefully, the peregrine adults will not attempt to nest somewhere just outside the "closed-off" box, or elsewhere on the JSMB*

2. Dee, Jesse, Richard and I have also agreed that we should attempt to establish alternate nest sites (build and install an alternative nest box, or boxes elsewhere on Temple Square). Jesse informed me yesterday that he will soon initiate the effort to receive the go-ahead to mount a nest box, or boxes on:

1. the Administration Building, due east of the JSMB,

2. the flat roof that extends to the west from the tall Church Office Building,
north and east of the JSMB,

3. other locations on buildings on Temple Square as well - but let's face it, it will be difficult to find a spot as appealing as the urban cliff (the JSMB) where our birds have recently been "at home" from 2004, 2006-2009 and successfully fledged out young in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009. I'm hesitant to consider where we might mount boxes south of South Temple Street given the continuing, large-scale construction south of the JSMB.

So, you're up to speed. Cross your fingers relative to Jesse's request to move forward with the plan. I'm certain that you agree that it's just great that we enjoy the continuing support of Jesse Baer, Dee Hunsaker, Richard Sawatzki and untold, behind the scenes LDS Church falcon lovers! Thank you, thank you , thank you!

I'll soon begin to construct new nest boxes ... don't let that interfere with
e-mails, calls, etc. if you have questions, suggestions, etc. Thanks to all!

* as you may recall, in the early 1980's, a peregrine pair attempted to use one of the "ovals" as a nest site and rather predictably failed to hatch out young from a clutch of eggs resting upon a thin mat of pigeon guano.

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