Monday, July 6, 2020

Murray Peregrine Falcon Nest ~ We're Back

Hello Salt Lake City!

Its been several years that this blog has been silent. There have been no attempts at peregrine nesting in the downtown area (that we are aware of) since 2015. But, the nest box located on the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray has seen activity this year (after six years since installation) and we have TWO young-of-the-year that are doing well!

I thought I would post a few images, but I urge you to go join the Facebook group for videos and more immediate updates.

Some quick updates as fledge approaches can be found at our Twitter handle

Based on feather to down ratio, we might expect fledge to occur this weekend. Currently, adults are demonstrating flights and prey hand-off for young's education, we assume. We are of course looking for volunteers to help monitor young. If you have an interest, you can leave a message here or go over to the Facebook group. Email as well.

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